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Hello beauties,

Today, as I sit at my desk at my secondary job (a doctor’s assistant), I have decided to whip up a blog post that requires no photos, no links – essentially, nothing but my brain and an internet connection. Inspired by watching Amelia Liana and Estee Lalonde’s video (yet again, as I think it was posted about 2 years ago), I am going to share the “me time” tag with you.

1. What do you watch or read during Me Time?
I have currently been watching Full House on Netflix when I am alone, but I also like to watch Friends or Sex and the City reruns. I love watching YouTube videos, as well, and am really into makeup and lifestyle related videos, as well as scarier stuff, like Rob Dyke’s series Seriously Strange. In terms of reading, I always enjoy fantasy novels (my current read is Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake – look out for a review!), as well as true crime stories.

2. What do you wear during Me Time?
I am partial to full-on pajamas or sweats. However, if there is someone besides my parents or my fiance around, I will throw on some yoga pants or tights to make it look like I tried just a little bit.

3. What are your Me Time beauty products?
I have been loving the Loreal masks that you can buy at the drugstore – super cleansing and comfortable without breaking the bank. I also adore the Smith’s lip balms in both pot and tube form.

4. Current favorite nail polish…
The Essie Gel Couture polish system. I have terrible nails that essentially repel polish, and these will stay on for 2-3 days (which is a lot for me!). My current favourite colour is Fairy Tailor, which is a pale, ballerina pink.

5. What do you eat or drink during Me Time?
Ideally, I would say tea and fruit… In reality, Diet Coke and Doritos.

6. Current favorite candle.
I love anything that has a fall, spicy scent. I am not partial to any particular brand or specific sent.

7. Do you ever have outdoor Me Time?
I will occasionally go for a walk or something, but overall, nope.

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?
No, but not because of the alone factor… I just don’t like seeing movies in theatres. The recycled air makes my chest feel tight.

9. Favorite online shop?
I love shopping on the Old Navy website, as well at Etsy, Chapters-Indigo and recently, Bed, Bath and Beyond as that is where our wedding registry is.

10. Favorite Me Time music?
Anything calming and classical is great for me, especially if I want to relax after a stressful day.

11. How would you spend an kid free day?
I don’t get many of those as a teacher… But I guess I would try to relax and spend some time with my fiance and/or our friends… Maybe go out for lunch or dinner.

12. What else do you do during Me Time?
I love just messing around on my phone and playing games like Tetris or Mario on my NES. I also like just hanging out with and chatting with Chris, my fiance. Oh, and of course, I love to nap!

I hope this was moderately interesting for my readers. I want to know what you guys do in your me-time, especially some suggestions on me-time candles and snacks!




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